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Staying Active on Vacation

Staying Active on Vacation

Hi Mom –

My trip to Hawaii has been like no other. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful the islands are and how much of a treat this vacation has been to my soul. I have been able to relax, explore, discover new things, people and places. And I have also been able to stay active while taking in all of the beautiful sites on Oahu. I found beginner hikes to Manoa Falls, Waimea Valley and of course Diamond Head Summit which is literally steps away from the Lotus Hotel.

The hotel also has free bikes that I have taken out pretty much daily now. I have had a bunch of fun cruising around the cute neighborhood surrounding the Lotus. It’s also been great having Kapiolani Park as a front yard because I can easily jog or walk a few laps around the paved trail which borders the park.

Tomorrow’s to-do list…swimming off the shore of Kaimana Beach in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. I cannot wait to get into the water.

Miss you and see you soon.


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