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As I was sitting on the balcony of my room, I turned my gaze to beautiful Diamond Head that lay just outside the hotel.  The sunlight was starting to peak over the side of the crater which created a beautiful glowing backdrop to my routine morning coffee.  The land seemed so peaceful and quiet.  At the base of Diamond Head lay a sprawling lush park called Kapiolani Park.  Early morning risers were already bustling with activity from walking, jogging, tennis and bike riding.  There were also many unpacking surfboards and heading out to the great blue ocean for their morning routine.

This scene was calming yet invigorating – inspiring.  All of the activity at my doorstep beckoned me to participate.  So, I did.  For the rest of my time in Honolulu I spent my mornings (after my coffee of course) exploring the green spaces just outside the hotel.  I took a lap or three on the walking trail around Kapiolani Park, saying good morning and paying attention to the little surprises along the way such as ducks, unique tropical birds, rain sprinkles that blessed me with a cool little shower, rainbows and so much more.

I also hiked Diamond Head for a bit of cardio exercise.  The twists and turns of the trail leading to such a magnificent view at the top which is an absolute must see!

The next day I decided to take on of the hotel’s bikes out on my morning excursion through the park and I took my yoga mat along with me.  Feeling the gentle breeze on my skin was an invigorating way to start the morning.  I found a lovely shaded spot for my morning yoga today and let me say, there was no better way to start the morning.  As I moved through my downward dog and warrior poses, I felt humbled and grateful to be in the presence of such beauty.

Another great vacation in Hawaii in the books.  Every time I come here I explore more, learn more, see more and do more.  It truly is a magical place on earth.

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